Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ISIS and the War of Terror

   After more than 10 years in the middle east, the war on terror finally has a
unified face. ISIS has risen from the ashes of the Syrian conflict and the remnants of other Sunni muslim organizations to become one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the middle east. With coffers supposedly totaling more than 2 Billion dollars and stolen American weaponry, they have become a serious threat to the future of Democracy, freedom, and literacy in the Middle East. They have destroyed several famous archaelogical sites, and looted every antiquity they can get their hands on. The real question in the upcoming days is what will America do to stop them?
    On Thursday Obama held a press conference, in which he further stated his plans for continued air strikes on ISIS militants and id drops in the area. It also appears that th administration is making plans to begin air strikes in Syria where many of the ISIS leaders are hiding out. So far the US has mainly made strikes to protect vital infrastructure in Iraq, and save Iraqi tribesman stranded on a mountain by ISIS. The killing this week of American reporter James Foley has caused a pouring of outrage in this country.  A source says that in upcoming weeks the number of strikes will continue to increase on a daily basis.
   Where did ISIS get ahold off all this money? A good portion of it comes from the sale of looted antiquities and captured oil processing facilities. Undercover sources inside ISIS have also stated that they have many foreign Sunni benefactors including Saudi Arabian and Qatari royalty. A warchest of $2 Billion US dollars is greater than the GDP of several countries, and gives ISIS a huge edge over similar terrorist networks. It is also a powerful tool for the recruitment of new members.
   Another large boon to their recruiting is ISIS' abundant use of social networking. They show many of their propaganda videos on sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The recent beheading of American journalist James Foley by a British National was posted to both of these sites. They also posted video of the execution of 250 Syrian soldiers thursday, and claim they will continue to do so until their "Caliphate" has been joined by the entire world. The incorporation of Sunnis in Iraq, who feel abandoned by the majority Shiite Iraqi government has led to another uptick in ISIS numbers. Until the Iraqi government finds a way to be more inclusive of Sunnis, many of them will continue to join ISIS.

Sites Destroyed by ISIS so far:

 Jonahs Tomb (biblical)
 Looted the Mosul Museum
Mosul grave of Abu al-Hassan al-Jazari
Numerous Archealogical sites
Numerous Mosque and Shrines (some centuries old)
Multiple Statues

Israel - Hamas Declare a Ceasefire (Again...)

   Israel and Hamas agreed to an Egyptian brokered cease-fire this Tuesday, after 50 days of fighting. As usual the geniuses in Gaza celebrated by firing guns into the air, killing one civilian and wounding 45 others. This lateat round of fighting left 2,100 Gazans, and 70 Israelis dead. Despite the lopsided casualties, Gaza celebrated their "great victory". They may not have won the war, but they did win the loyalty of the American mainstream-media, and uneducated celebrities.
   The Israelis agreed to the cease-fire mainly to keep their school children safe from the never-ending barrage of rockets coming out of Gaza. This is contrary to the Hamas strategy of hiding their rockets in schools... Ok Ok they only found rockets hidden in 3 UN Schools, and they were quickly returned to their owners. Its nice of the UN to always give their rockets back, and supply the cement Hamas needs to build its attack/kidnap tunnels. The Secretary General of the UN (Ban Ki Moon) even went as far as declaring that the "blockade of Gaza must end." He most likely questioned: "How is Gaza supposed to get more rockets with the blockade in place?" Well dont worry UN! All of their allies will be working as hard as they can to start filling those schools with rockets again.
   It's somewhat doubtful whether this cease-fire will last. Hopefully, the Hamas rocket supply is depleted enough to give the Israelis a few weeks of peace. At this point I feel like Israel needs to give Hamas an ultimatum. How about: "If one more rocket is fired, we carpet bomb you back to the stone age." Israel has put up with these terrorist long enough. If Hamas has such a lack of respect for human life, Israel is going to need to take the same stance. Otherwise, this same cycle is going to keep repeating until one side is wiped out. The use of Nuclear weapons ended World War II and saved millions of lives. Today,  Japan is one of Americas greatest allies, and one of their best trading partners. Maybe its time Israel puts the "Nuclear Option" on the table, though not necessarily the use of nuclear weapons.

   Now we wait and watch... but be assured rockets will be back. Hamas needs something to use its schools for...