Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Israel - Hamas Declare a Ceasefire (Again...)

   Israel and Hamas agreed to an Egyptian brokered cease-fire this Tuesday, after 50 days of fighting. As usual the geniuses in Gaza celebrated by firing guns into the air, killing one civilian and wounding 45 others. This lateat round of fighting left 2,100 Gazans, and 70 Israelis dead. Despite the lopsided casualties, Gaza celebrated their "great victory". They may not have won the war, but they did win the loyalty of the American mainstream-media, and uneducated celebrities.
   The Israelis agreed to the cease-fire mainly to keep their school children safe from the never-ending barrage of rockets coming out of Gaza. This is contrary to the Hamas strategy of hiding their rockets in schools... Ok Ok they only found rockets hidden in 3 UN Schools, and they were quickly returned to their owners. Its nice of the UN to always give their rockets back, and supply the cement Hamas needs to build its attack/kidnap tunnels. The Secretary General of the UN (Ban Ki Moon) even went as far as declaring that the "blockade of Gaza must end." He most likely questioned: "How is Gaza supposed to get more rockets with the blockade in place?" Well dont worry UN! All of their allies will be working as hard as they can to start filling those schools with rockets again.
   It's somewhat doubtful whether this cease-fire will last. Hopefully, the Hamas rocket supply is depleted enough to give the Israelis a few weeks of peace. At this point I feel like Israel needs to give Hamas an ultimatum. How about: "If one more rocket is fired, we carpet bomb you back to the stone age." Israel has put up with these terrorist long enough. If Hamas has such a lack of respect for human life, Israel is going to need to take the same stance. Otherwise, this same cycle is going to keep repeating until one side is wiped out. The use of Nuclear weapons ended World War II and saved millions of lives. Today,  Japan is one of Americas greatest allies, and one of their best trading partners. Maybe its time Israel puts the "Nuclear Option" on the table, though not necessarily the use of nuclear weapons.

   Now we wait and watch... but be assured rockets will be back. Hamas needs something to use its schools for...

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