Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump Knows "Trumpcare" Wont Pass.... and Doesn't Care

      An insider in the Trump White House believes the current version of the Trumpcare bill wont
make it through congress. Behind closed door meetings, many of Trumps closest advised have
expressed concern that the Bill does not have enough support to pass. Several Republicans
such as Senator Dean Heller of Nevada are planning to vote against the bill.
      In response several of Trumps top advisers have formed a group known as "America First Policies", which plans to begin launching over a million dollars of digital and television ads this weekend. This team came together immediately after senator Heller declared he would opposed the "Obamacare  Repeal Bill". Other Republicans have mentioned behind closed door meetings that they would most likely do the same in several states where they have vulnerable constituencies.
     As one of the core issues behind the Trump campaign, this Bill will be the biggest challenge
faced by his team so far. They have thrown several million into the America First and claim
they will throw as much money at the problem as needed. If Trump is to fulfill the promise
of his career he will need to get by this nearly surpassable wall.
    When asked about his position, a staffer for Heller stated that he would "never support the
Bill and has enough people on his side to defeat it". Only time will tell if the Bill is
able to get through, but at the moment it appears to have reached a permanent stall.

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