Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump v ISIS v Iran

   The last 3000 or so members of ISIS have been pinned down in Raqqa where the civilian casualty count has exploded. Policies put in place by Trump have put weapons into the hands of fighters determined to take down the Assad regime and ISIS in one fell swoop.
   However, Iran this week made its first real move by firing several ballistic missiles Sunday night against several ISIS positions. Iran sees ISIS and the rebels as extremist funded by their enemy Saudi Arabia. 
   The real challenge for Trump will be keeping the line of communication open with the Russians who are assisting Assad against the rebels and ISIS. This week a U.S. jet shot down a Syrian aircraft attempting to attack a rebel camp.
   According to a local source on the ground most of the rebels are celebrating Trump. One of them even gladly showed off an American made Stinger missile, capable of shooting down an aircraft. Some American allies however are worried these weapons may fall into the hands of terrorist.
   Trump made a joint statement this weekend with Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. After expressing solidarity in the fight against ISIS, several members of the Turkish government came out against the idea of supplying weapons to the "rebels". Some Turks on the ground even state they have seen American weapons in ISIS hands. 
   For now the "rebels" just have to point a laser pointer like device at a site and a drone will launch a hellfire missle to take out enemy positions. Thousands of such missiles have been fired in the fight, and Raqqa looks of crumbling concrete.
   For Trump the next test will be to finish this battle and hopefully not hand over too many weapons to our enemies. As the final battles lie ahead, Trump has moved a truck mounted missle system into Syria. A source close to trump stated that he is planning to "end this crisis whatever way possible", possibly meaning firing upon Assad. Only time will tell in the coming weeks as this game of Risk moves ahead and all eyes are upon the Toupee president.

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