Sunni? - Shiite? - Kurd? - Huh?

Here is a quick run down of the different sects of Islam and why they want to kill each-other:


Sunni (About 60% of Middle East Muslims):

Sunni's can be considered the "Orthodox" Muslims. They believe in a more strict interpretation of Islam than Shiites. They main idealogical difference however, is their belief that Mohammed's (pigs be upon him) father-in-law, Abu Bakr was the spiritual successor of Muhammad and the first "Caliph".


Shiite (38% of Middle East Muslims):

Shiites believe that Mohammed's (pigs be upon him) son-in-law/cousin "Ali" is his spiritual successor and the first "Caliph". The believe that his successors are divinely appointed Imams. Shiite majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Azerbaijan...


Yes, you heard that right. Sunnis and Shiites kill each other over who they believe was Mohammed's most righteous follower and direct successor... Really its more about having a legitimate excuse to massacre their fellow Muslims in order to take their land and women. This is like protestants and Catholics going out and killing each other.



Kurds are not actually a sect of Islam but often get confused with one. They are an Ethnic Minority with members in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, ect.. They are mostly Sunni Muslim, but they can be Shias, Christians, and Jews as well. Due to oppression in Iraq, many of the Kurds have become more tolerant towards other religions than many of the middle eastern Muslims.


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